Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bleeding heart

Over the weekend a stray little dog showed up. She was black and little tand pregnant. I felt sorry for her. She was dragging a little chain around. I took the chain off so it didn't get caught on something. I then feed her, put a towl and water down for her. She spent the time outside the door. The next morning I brought inside and she cuddled on the couch next to me. I gave her a bath and took her to the vet. He takes in strays and takes them to a shelter to be adpoted out. Patrick says I have a bleeding heart. He thinks it cute and makes him love me more. Drives him nuts though that I take in these strays. I just can't help myself. I cried the night I left her out cause she was so sweet and loved to be petted. I could feel her puppies move. I was worried about her outside alone. Patrick thought she might wonder back home but she made herself comfortable. I named her Winnie off Wednesday off the adams family. I hope that she finds a good home. It was hard to let her go not knowing. I cried telling her bye. I know I did the right thing taking her to vet. He said I was a good person. I just hope she's okay.