Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Its the little things...

Okay so my husband doesn't really have the romantic bone. I am the one who does the little special things, candlelit dinners and blah blah. We lately he's been so sweet. He of course brought home flowers, then he played a song last night he said was for me and it was something to do with beautiful woman and then this morning I was leaving to a dr appt and he's like your makeup looks nice. He's one to look extra long when I look nice and I know hes thinking it but he doesn't say it. I am just used to it. He tells me a 100 times a day he loves me and thats all I need but I have to say the compliments are really nice=) It makes me smile and love him ever so much more. I think everyone needs a compliment every now and then. I hope I haven't ginxed it and that he'll continue to do that for me. Its great for the self esteem!! He's the best husband I could ask for and if I don't get another one for another month it won't matter cause I know he loves me and that it will mean ever more.