Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life in general

We're enjoying the summer with the girls. We just celebrated Jillian's 10th birthday. I cannot believe she is 10!!! It seems like just yesterday I met a 4 year old bouncy little girl. Oh how my heart is filled with love for these two little girls. They are growing so big right in front of my eyes. Its crazy how fast they grow! We bought them bikes this year. Brand new mountain bikes. They were thrilled with thier presents. So Patrick fixed my intertube on my bike and we spent today after church riding a little with the girls. They loved it. They had a good birthday. We tried to make it very special since we've missed the last few. They told my parents it was the best ever. Which really made me happy. Cause I have had to suffer through my back pain in order to do some things. I cried through about half Transformers 2 cause of my back and Patrick was ready to take me to the ER. Then riding bikes is rough. But they make it worth the pain. I just wish it would get better.

We found a church that I am really happy with. The girls enjoy it very much. I decided to volunteer for the church. One I felt a calling for the program they call Grace Acres and 2 I'm trying to go back to school for primary education with a special in special ed so it would look good on resumes to have the volunteer. And everyone knows I have a soft spot for little kids. I just love babysitting. This program is a bible study for infant -4 years old.

Patrick and I are doing great. We are loving having the girls. We are attached at the hip always together watching TV, movies or outside with the girls. We love the family time! We have a great time. They have been all helping out cause of my back. They make me lay down when I'm up and around and limping around. Patrick has pitched in to help out with dinners or whatever I need. I'm so grateful for such an awesome family. And friends too helping out.

I wish I knew what made my nerve irriated so I could avoid it. But since being on the steriods I am slowly noticing my back feeling better. So hopefullly just a little bit longer and I'll be back on my feet. Laying around is killing me. I barely have an appetite. I'm use to be up going and going.

Well I've been slacking on updating here lately but I'm going to work on blogging more. But thats enough for now...Until next time.....


Mahmood said...

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