Monday, August 3, 2009

Awesome Weekend

So it was the last weekend for the girls to be here:(. I wanted everything to be perfect! My best friend, the girls Aunt Kimberly, brought her to kids down and spent fri-sun with us. We threw a bbq saturday night for the girls. We had our friends that had been around the girls come. They had a blast. They were jumping on the trampoline, playing badminton, wrestling match, guitar hero. I made dirt cake which they ate the crap out of. Then sunday we missed church but we were all up late and Kimberly forgot her bag that had church clothes in it but after waking up late and all that it ended up working out. We went to get our first ever family portrait where Kimberly did all our hair. She even did my makeup for me. I found a dress at Deb's for $7 that I fell in love with and then shoes at Rue 21 for $4.99. The photos turned out so pretty. I was so excited. The girls wore their church dresses which are new and they love them. They had never had pictures other then school. So Triel was nervous and Jillian excited. And after the pictures we went out to Zaxby's for lunch. We played a little family badminton and watched a movie after Kimberly and her family left. I couldn't be happier with how everything went and turned out. It was a weekend to remember that's for sure! I know Jillian is hoarse from screaming and playing while wrestling. We had lots of laughs and lots of fun!!


Just Me said...

What a fabulous time of togetherness you all had. You will be scrapbooking that weekend like crazy, I am sure. LOL.