Saturday, October 11, 2008

Such a good mood today=)

My hubby has to work all weekend=( Saturday his friend wanted to come over and he didn't get off until 5 and so his friend and him came straight over so I had no alone time with him. (he worked nights pretty much all week and barely saw him as well) Luckily I like his friend so I didn't mind much. My hubby comes in the house and we have an entry way with a sliding door and he was acting funny. He was like hunny come here give me a kiss. I like ok? Cause normally he takes off his boots, sets his bag down and then we say hello. And behind the door he was hiding flowers. My husband hardly EVER brings home flowers. The place that sells them are opposite side of the base he works on and closes around 7 which sometimes he doesn't even get off work until then. Anyways there was a pink rose (my fave) and 3 beautiful huge daisys!! His friend stayed outside smoking so he could give them to me. It was so sweet and made my weekend. So even though hes gone all day/night everytime I walk into the kitchen I see them and smile and its made my day so good! I just wanted to share cause I am smiling all day.