Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Small steps

I wanted to share a story that happened last night. My husband has cut off all contact with his day for reasons I'd rather not go into but we can put it this way his childhood with his dad was rough. In fact I know his other brother has done the same and the other has very limited contact. Anyways in the process he lost contact with his dad's mom. Patrick through the years often wondered if she was alive but never made any effort to look her up. Well me and my neighbor our planning this huge thanksgiving dinner for our friends. We wanted each person to have at least 1 dish from there own family tradtions so I asked my husband what he wanted. He said he wanted a frozen fruit dish his grandma used to make. He didn't know the name but remembered some ingredients did I mind trying to find the recipe. So I went on a search and couldn't find one to satisfy him. We then got on the topic of his grandma and I pulled up with white pages on the computer and looked her up and she was listed (he's gone we were chatting online) and I told him and then I proceeded with his okay to call her up after him not seeing her in 12 or so years. It was a little awkard at first but I explained I was married to her grandson and he often spoke of her and he loved that dessert and could she share the recipe for me to make. We talked at least 45 minutes and my husband is happy to be back in touch. He would just keep letting the time past but now I took those first steps he can be back in touch. I promised her pictures and caught her up some on our lives. I mailed her pics today and then tonight went to snapfish and ordered 177 pictures to her address. She's going to be so surprised! I can only catch her up on about 5 years of her grandson but its a start. He's actually coming home and calling her this weekend for the first time in over 12 years. She was so happy to hear from me, he was so happy I called. And she seemed to really be looking forward to his call, as him to be able to talk to her. I just know I will cry. We already making plans when we come home and in MI to stop in and see her. I think its wonderful that they will be reunited after all these years! I just had to share the heartwarming story. Least to me it is=)