Monday, December 29, 2008


Patrick went and got my plane ticket today and reserved Angel a spot as well. I can't believe we have about a month and week left in Korea and we get to come home. HOME!!!! What a wonderful word that is. I appreciate so much more in the states now then EVER before. My wonderful family, the friends that have stood by me these two years, little things like understanding the language, driving and WAL-MART!! The best news was it only cost us $640 and we were expecting about double that. Just knowing I have that ticket home is an awesome feeling! I am on a great high I doubt will go away until I come home. I just want to cry cause I am finally coming home. I have missed everyone so freaking much! My niece is 2 years older and doesn't even know her own aunt, even though I spoil her crazy through the mail. My cousin has twins I've never met. You don't think you'll miss that much in 2 years but you really do. Hell I've changed. I've grown older, wiser. I've lost (so far) 110 pounds! I am more confident and I am sure my personality has changed some too. Its going to be awesome to come home and see my family and let them see the new and improved me! I just don't know how to catch up 2 years in the few days we get to see everyone though:( But we'll be home for a while, no chance we want to travel overseas for a while if we can help it. So we can slowly catch up! I just can't wait. 38 days and I will be in the states again!!!


domesticgoddess said...

I am excited for you! I can't wait to leave here in about 7 months! Let me know when you wanna play Wii! :)