Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting closer...

The countdown is getting closer to coming home. 59 days to go. Its hard to believe and time is flying by. Patrick's gone alot so I am trying everything I can do keep myself busy. Friday night I went to another wife's house with Angel for dinner and playdate which was so much fun. I of course talked to poor woman's leg off and came hom embarrssed that I did talk so much! Then our good friend and I went out on saturday and I had the most fun! We went to dinner and then bowling and then we had a few drinks in the ville. I love gin and tonic! It was my first time since surgery to even attempt anything and I took it really slow and easy. It was such a great time and made the weekend go by pretty quick. Sunday I just cleaned which takes up alot of time. I think sometime this week I am going to go through my clothes again. The sweaters I kept from the last time are now swimming in.

We have alot of stuff coming up to make the time go by fast until we come home. Dec 20th I am throwing a greedy santa party. Dec 23rd we go skiiing, Then Christmas, then my birthday where I am going to the bars with a couple friends, then New Years. Then Patrick starts clearing, our house will be packed up and then before we know it we will be on our way home! I can't wait! Time is just flying by!

And just a shout out to my sister who's birthday is today. Happy Birthday Sis!


Mom of Army Brats. said...

im proud of your strength in your weight loss

Leigh Ann said...

Thank you.