Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life Lately...

Things have been a little crazy. Patrick had to leave the week before Thanksgiving and of course I was heartbroken. He had just been gone 2 weeks prior. I should be used to it but I was really wanting thanksgiving with him. Well then they came back and said they'll be coming back wed. Yay but I don't count on it. So I planned thanksgiving late. Dinner at 7pm. And good thing too cause he didn't get home until 4pm on thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving we had some friends over. 2 of our Korean realtors, a guy from the unit and a wife from the unit and her friend since her husband was gone. It was an interesting dinner. The Koreans had never had a Thanksgiving meal. They would tell me their favorites. 1 was green bean casserole, the other thought turkey was more tender then chicken. They both had 2nds and I believe tried a little of everything. I know they both loved my candied yams.

The next night we had the guy from the unit over plus another one and heated all the leftovers up and had another feast. Then played spades. It was overall a wonderful thanksgiving even though hubby almost didn't make it!

We've had a lovely weekend together. I lost more weight making the total 93 and we were excited about that cause I am so close to loosing 100 pounds which was my christmas present to myself. Saturday and Sunday we relaxed and watched seasons of Grey's Anatomy which I am addicted too and he's only recently got into. Saturday we ordered take out and Sunday hubby cooked for me which was nice.

The sad news is he's leaving again thursday for 10 days. It just feels like I barely get to see him these days. I know it could be worse but it could be better too. I am getting into a major slump/depression. It sucks. Last week I barely even wanted to eat. I try not to whine but its just getting a little old. At least they are saying he can have wed off to be with me before he leaves again. I'd like to say I can make it 2 months and then we're in the states and we'll be better but he goes straight to bnoc. So we have 3 weeks together on leave and then he heads to VA for 3 and half months. There might be a few weekends I can see him but I don't know how much. So If I can get through until middle june barely seeing him he has 3 more weeks leave and then we can be at Campbell together. It seems so freaking far away.

We are going skiing on Dec 23rd. His unit can't screw him out of this since its a unit trip and we already payed our money so that's a good thing. I just really hope he has Christmas off. Thanksgiving was so stressful. I didn't think he'd make it back and I spent all morning crying. I just want a nice quiet Christmas with no stress together.

Well I guess thats about all of late. I am sure there's more I was going to say but I have a brain fart!