Sunday, January 3, 2010

Korean memories

Patrick and I stopped at this Korean store we are always driving past. And wow it was like walking down memory lane. Alot of the same brands that we saw in Korea was at this little Korean store in KY.  we picked up some hot mustard, kimishi's and yaki mandu. which we came home and tasted everything. we plan to go back on payday and get some soybean paste, more yaki and the korean coffee. Patrick was so excited to see that. They even had the yogurt you could get over there. The yaki was right on one of my korean fave restraunts. Most of the prices were decent. Only a couple more dollars then there. Excited to go back and get some more stuff! I guess I miss Korean food more then I realized. lol=)


domesticgoddess said...

omg, I went to a German bakery here in Texas and I was so happy! It made me miss Germany so bad! I got to get some of the things I used to eat there!

Kristie said...

We found a place like that here too but it was a restaurant connected too. The prices in the store are normal but the restaurant charges $15-20 for stuff that only cost 5000 won there.