Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Make up your mind already!

That's what I'm telling myself. lol I got accepted for financial aid for real estate school even went down to the school in Clarksville and picked up my paperwork. Then I discovered the fees my financial will not cover which is close to another $700. For example pay city of Clarksville $500! I was unsure I'd be good at this job. I was worried its what I wanted to do, if I'd get the math part. And the with the unstable economy there is no way I can pay out that money. Plus the real estate offices charge fees. So I could go 6 months without selling houses and still have to pay out my pocket! I just can't do that in the economy!!  It scares me to death!! So I prayed. I listened to my heart and God led me to teaching. I have been wanting to and requested information a few months ago. If only I listened to the signs he was showing me. Now I'm waiting for the financial aid to come back through for my career plan in Teacher's Aid. I'm hoping to work as an aide in a Special Ed classroom. In the meantime I have an interview for sub teaching. I believe God has a path for us all; we just need to stop and find it. We may take a few wrong turns but we'll find it. The volunteer work I do all involves kids. I love the work I do there so why didn't just follow my heart and go with teaching forever ago? With real estate I was stressed. With teaching I'm relieved. Its kind of a weird feeling. Like I finally found my way. So teaching aid through Penn Foster is the plan!


*Tracia* said...

It sounds like you already made you mind up :)

tiggysmum70 said...

Hey girl, check with the Army too. My friend, who is also an army wife, checked out some financial things here @ Bragg. She wound up w/ $6,000 for her schooling w/ Phoenix! It's something the Army has for Army wives to help them get their degree. It is worth looking into.

Teaching is a great field. What are you looking to teach? Primary, Middle, or High School?