Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ski trip

First.....OUCH! 2nd I couldn't hate skit lifts more! We decided on snowboarding cause neither of us had ever done it. But I was a mess at it. At first I did really well. Then I just fell apart. I got sore, I'd go too fast and get scared and evenually I gave up. I fell on my hip twice and it was pretty sore. You can't touch it today and I didn't want to risk injuring myself too bad. I am sore from my neck to my toes. And sick! Patrick got the hang of it and I think he had a good time even though I ended up hanging out inside a little. I want to try again when I am able to get some muscles back from loosing the weight and do not have a cold. I am disapointed in myself for giving up. I am mad and wish I could go back and not give up when Patrick tried helping. I got scared going fast. It was a challenge I couldn't pick up and I should have kept trying. But there's always next time. And he does want to go again. But ski this time cause he knows how, and wants to take the time to teach me how. Slowly. He has it already planned out in his head. I am hopping I will pick that up faster and easier since he knows how. I love him for wanting to teach me. I am hoping I can learn and we have something to do together like this. It would be fun, planning ski trips together every so often. But overall I did have a good time. It was a learning experience and a challenge.