Friday, December 19, 2008


We walk into the PX and for the first time EVER they have Wii. They never have Wii and I been wanting one for a long long time. Patrick points it out and I am like aww. And Patrick goes you really want it don't you? I am like yea. He's like do they do layaway. I am like yeah. So he puts it in the cart. Goes to the game picks out 2 Sims games for me. And says its your Christmas and birthday. I am so freaking excited! I cannot wait until we pick it up! This is the best xmas/bday ever! I cannot wait to get Wii fit but its 89.99 and they don't sell it here. But anyways I am excited!


domesticgoddess said...

omg, Wii is so fantastic! I don't have Wii fit because its always sold out here so I'm going to try to find it on e-bay. I try and do Wii sports everyday, the tennis works me out, the day after I did it for the first time I was so sore!

Holly said...

Wii fit is always sold out here too.. :( It makes me sad because I really really want it. Hehe. David got me a Wii too though, and he said next time we see Wii fit we are getting it. The Wii Sports is a good workout for the moment though. I am glad you got it.. that is what I got too hehe..